Puppet Pals - create your own shows with animation and audio

Puppet Pals offers you the possibility to make your own animated cartoons and presentations. The application works intuitively, can easily be understood and is fun to work with for children. 

The application mainly offers the possibility to present information and/or the outcomes of a small research in an inspiring and entertaining way. Children are challenged to mould the information in animation and audio and to present it to the rest of the group.

Though it is fun to work with, children need to have a script for using this application in the appropriate, educational way. Only then they are able to share the outcomes of their research understandably to the rest of the children in the class.

Puppet Pals

Puppet Pals - maak je eigen show met animatie en geluid

Puppet Pals kan worden gebruikt om eigen ingesproken animaties te maken. Het kan op eenvoudige wijze in het onderwijs in worden gezet. 

De applicatie werkt intuitief, biedt tal van mogelijkheden en is leuk voor kinderen om mee te werken. Het biedt met name mogelijkheden om gevonden informatie en/of de uitkomsten van klein groepsonderzoek te presenteren aan de rest van de klas. 

Hiertoe moet dit wel in een script worden geplaatst: er moet dus na worden gedacht welke informatie op welke wijze in de applicatie wordt gepresenteerd. Juist door middel van deze activiteit worden hogere denkvaardigheden van de leerlingen aangesproken. 

Puppet Pals: crea i tuoi spettacoli con animazioni e audio

Puppet Pals ti offre la possibilità di creare i tuoi cartoni animati e presentazioni personalizzati. L'applicazione funziona in modo intuitivo, può essere facilmente compresa ed è divertente da utilizzare per i bambini.

L'applicazione offre principalmente la possibilità di presentare informazioni e/o i risultati di una piccola ricerca in modo stimolante e divertente. I bambini sono stimolati ad assemblare le informazioni in animazione e audio e a presentarle al resto del gruppo.

Sebbene sia divertente da utilizzare, i bambini hanno bisogno di avere uno script per utilizzare questa applicazione in modo appropriato ed educativo. Solo così sono in grado di condividere i risultati della loro ricerca in una maniera comprensibile per il resto dei bambini della classe.

  • Tool
  • Presenting / reporting
Learning activities
  • Show, demonstrate, give access to (also tangible) also to events, objects that are otherwise inaccessible
  • Affect, emotional and empathic engagement
  • Make a synthesis, interprete
  • Create own (re)presentation, impression
  • Classroom
  • At home
  • English
  • Dutch
Age 7 to 12 years
  • http://www.polishedplay.com/contact-1-1
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