My timeline - create your own timeline

Children find it difficult to organise all the facts, figures and dates that are mentioned and presented during history and heritage education. In order to structure them, they can make use of an online timeline. By working with such a timeline, children are challenged to connect events and years with each other. In addition, a timeline offers the possibility to add pictures to events. This can help children to remember them more precisely, by personalising them this way.

Example of a timeline


Maak je eigen tijdbalk

Leerlingen op de basisschool kunnen het moeilijk vinden om (de volgorde van) gebeurtenissen en jaartallen te onthouden. Sterker nog, ze worden vaak door elkaar heen gebruikt. Het werken met online tijdbalken kan helpen om structuur hierin aan te brengen. 

Daarnaast biedt het werken met deze online programma's, waaronder RTW timeline, de mogelijkheid om foto's te verbinden aan de eerder genoemde gebeurtenissen. Hiermee wordt het leerlingen mogelijk gemaakt om er een persoonlijke noot aan te verbinden, wat eerder genoemde moeilijkheden wellicht het hoofd kan bieden.

My timeline, crea la tua linea del tempo

I ragazzi trovano difficile organizzare tutti gli avvenimenti, cifre e date che vengono menzionate e presentate durante le lezioni di storia. Per poterle strutturare possono fare uso di una linea del tempo online. Lavorando con questa linea del tempo i ragazzi sono stimolati a mettere in collegamento tra loro eventi ed anni.

Inoltre la linea del tempo offre la possibilità di aggiungere immagini agli eventi. Questo può aiutare i ragazzi a ricordarli più precisamente, personalizzandoli in questo modo.

  • Tool
  • Recording / collecting
Learning activities
  • Show, demonstrate, give access to (also tangible) also to events, objects that are otherwise inaccessible
  • Enable cognition (observe, analyse, incite activity such as describe etc.)
  • Classroom
  • Museum
  • English
  • Dutch
Age 9 to 12+ years
  • Timeline
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