Heritage App

The ErfgoedApp allows over 1,700 museums and heritage organizations in Flanders and Brussels to provide multimedia information to their visitors using innovative technology. The possibilities are extensive, thanks to the flexibility with which new information can be created. The ErfgoedApp offers numerous opportunities but its most important feature is that the user can always see the additional information in a simple way and without technical problems. Additional information on heritage is made visible only when the user scans a code or receives a push message from a Heritage Beacon. The app works on the basis of the latest technologies such as iBeacons and augmented reality. Heritage workers or educational directors in musea or on heritage sites can easily create their own augmented or virtual reality media to augment visits. The user only requires a smart phone with the (free) ErgoedApp installed. A manual and training opportunities are available to assist content providers. 

Courtesy: ErfgoedApp


Because the App makes use of the (user's own) smartphone, it is easy to see how it can be combined in scenarios where all other phone functionailities such as tracking, quizzes, recording, commenting, analysing etc are addressed as competences. The learning content creatpr has endless possibilities to challenge and entertain the learner.


  • Tool
  • Tracking / mapping / routing
  • Instruction / assignment
  • Recording / collecting
  • Presenting / reporting
Learning activities
  • Enable cognition (observe, analyse, incite activity such as describe etc.)
  • Create own (re)presentation, impression
  • Museum
  • Heritage site
  • English
  • Dutch
Age 10 to 12 years
  • app
  • smartphone
  • augmented reality
  • digital tools
  • creativity
  • mobile
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