Videos about the use of technology in class

CoopCulture produced a series of videos regarding the use of technology in class from both a student's and teacher's perspective.

Thoughts on the use of technology in class

Cecilia is a middle school teacher in Rome that has used Interactive White Boards (IWB) for a few years now. She has offered us her point of view, based on her experience, on both positive and negative characteristics of a tool that attracts the attention of students but is hard to use if you want to have more interaction in class.

A student's point of view on technology in class

It was interesting to interview a student to hear from a protagonist directly involved in Italy's attempt to upgrade classrooms in order to have youngsters familiarise with technology intended as a tool to work and not just play.

Interactive White Boards and scientific subjects

Among students that have experienced the use of IWB in Italian classrooms, the opinions regarding this new tool are sometimes opposite. Many comment on teachers' scarce ability with the basics of technological tools, but some recognise that students also have a gap and need guidance to learn how to use technology for uses other than gaming.

DICHE videos produced by CoopCulture