One of the main outcomes of DICHE is a set of cultural and heritage education practices and tools for pupils aged 11 to 14 that can be used either in your classroom or your local museum or cultural and heritage centre. The purpose of these resources is to make cultural and heritage education more engaging, effective and fun. Either browse through the practices and tools contained in the resources database to see if there are any that inspire you or you can search under keywords and concepts to help narrow your selection to find an entry in either English, Dutch or Italian that best suits the context of your teaching.


The Digital Innovation in Cultural and Heritage Education in the light of 21st century learning project known as DICHE was a trans-national European project supported by the European Commission Erasmus+ programme which ran from September 2015 until March 2018.

The aim of the project was to integrate digital resources and opportunities for cultural and heritage education in primary school.

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