Workshop at the Connected Communities Heritage Network Symposium

DICHE Project has been presented at the Connected Communities Heritage Network Symposium in Lincoln (UK) as part of a workshop run by Antonia Liguori and Lyndsey Bakewell (Loughborough University, UK) to engage participants in exploring how Digital Storytelling can be applied in heritage education to enhance the 21th Century skills.

As suggested by Porter (2015), ‘the digital storytelling process helps us transform isolated facts into illuminated, enduring understandings’. Hence we propose ‘storying’ the cultural heritage as a way of making information come emotionally alive in a learning process aimed at improving the 21st Century skills. Given that Digital Storytelling problematises our relationship with heritage artefacts, we intend also to recognise limitations and challenges of this methodology.

During the workshop, starting from the research questions emerged from the Common Research Agenda of DICHE Project - led by Loughborough University and the University of Roma Tre (Italy) - participants have been invited to join in a story-circle session and to share a personal story that tells how ‘experiencing’ the cultural heritage has enhanced their creativity, critical thinking, ability to communicate and their attitude to collaborate with people with different backgrounds. In the last session of the workshop a discussion about how to use Digital Storytelling in heritage education has been facilitated to gather answers to the research questions delineated at the beginning of the workshop and to co-design further lines of inquiry.

A written paper based on the workshop at the January symposium will be submitted. This could either be a short "work in progress" paper of up to 6 pages or a full paper of up to 12 pages. If accepted by the review panel, the paper will be published in a peer-reviewed Symposium Proceedings booklet featuring papers from both this year’s and last year’s symposia.

For more information, please contact Dr Antonia Liguori.

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