Through the eye… audio-visual and ‘new’ media in art and culture lessons

Through the eye… of a lens or under a clear command the world around you will sharpen. By 12 lessons on art and culture, pupils aged 4 to 12 years are challenged to come to such focus and to develop and stimulate their own ideas, tastes, creativity and digital skills. The lessons vary from telling a story in a digital comic book to making artistic photographs by using all kind of tools, such as mirrors.
Each lesson contains a description, a lesson roadmap and a summary of the (digital) materials needed. Besides, links to interesting sites, movies, artists, specific digital tools and related tips and tricks are also added to these lessons, which can directly be executed in each classroom and each location!

In the design of these lessons, a rough distinction is made between audio-visual aspects (photography, film, animation, stop-motion) and new media items (digital techniques and devices such as the internet, video games, apps, virtual reality, smartphones, tablets). Both of these aspects interweave so now and then, but also develop in rapid speed. What was state of the art yesterday, may be outdated tomorrow. This makes both fields difficult to be implemented in everyday education. Therefore, the most accessible approach is chosen to be used in these lessons, so that as many pupils as possible can join, and as many teachers as possible can execute these lessons!

For more information, you can click on the following link that leads you to the website of Kunst Centraal, together with Landschap Erfgoed Utrecht one of the organisations behind this inspiring project

Through the eye