A Research Agenda to share learning methods and digital resources in cultural and heritage education

DICHE partners Loughborough University (UK) and the University of Roma Tre (Italy) have been leading on the creation of a research agenda for the project. Working with the other 4 partners their work has been to identify some pending research questions which consider digital resources and learning methods in cultural and heritage education and to draft an overview of the state of the art. 

Led by a group of academics from Loughborough University (Antonia Liguori and Mike Wilson) and the University of Roma Tre (Antonella Poce, Maria Rosaria Re and Francesco Agrusti), DICHE Project partners have reflected on questions arising in early conversations within the partnership, as well as with local stakeholders from both sectors - Education and Cultural Heritage - interviewed in the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and UK. 

Three main issues have driven the research activity, which has moved its focus from tools to methodologies:
Which digital approaches can enhance the connection between 21 Century learning skills and cultural heritage? 
How should teachers’ competences (defined as a mix of knowledge, skills and attitude) be developed to ensure an effective pedagogical use of digital approaches? 
Which teachers and prospective teacher’s practices can promote 4C's students development?

After the identification of educators, who work both in museums and schools, as target group, the project team agree that the main feature of the research agenda is to define the gaps in digital skills and in attitudes toward the 21st Century learning, and the connection between education and cultural heritage.

The DICHE project Research Agenda has been just published on the project website and it includes: 
• pending academic questions and matters that require additional research; 
• overview of the state of the art; 
• a Literature Review about the possibilities for the enhancement of 21st Century learning skills; 
• DICHE partners' case studies about the use of digital tools in cultural and heritage education; 
• a list of digital resources already available and linked to each case study; 
• a quick overview of Educational systems for each DICHE partners' Country.

Download the DICHE Project Common Research Agenda.

Cover of research agenda