Education Toolkit: an excellent guide for museum educators and teachers

On class visits to museum or heritage sites, teachers often face challenge when it comes to design relevant and entertaining learning activities. Arja van Veldhuizen, member of the Landschap Erfgoed Team of the DICHE Project, presents in this book didactically relevant and suitable methods and techniques that educators (teachers as well as education staff in house in museum or heritage site) can use to engage (young) visitors in a learnful manner. This very practical guide describes 18 working methods, methods and good practices such as the obvious guided tours and scavenger hunts, but there are so many more techniques that can be used even in combination with another: associative activities, AV and digital media, creative processing, dialogue, e-learning and distance learning, from activity to discussion, interviews, learning by doing, object analysis, photography, drawing and film, recital/lecture/presentation, storytelling, theatre/improvisation/dance…

The book can be used as a recipe book, and the reader/user can use it in the way they prefer to use it, by rigorously following the indications or just by being inspired. The tools and methods are just some of the ingredients in the development process of new educational programmes. The characteristics of each method are a helping hand in choosing suitable formats: age group, support or user contribution required, type of activity (individual, collaborative), type of knowledge transfer, relevance to the collection.

This toolkit is not meant to be exhaustive – there may be more good working practices out there, but this is definitely a great start for those that want to get inspired. The book is not only a good read with helpful "do's & don’ts" and practical examples but also pleasant to the eye, illustrated with lively cartoons and includes. The book is available for free from Landelijk Contact van Museumconsulenten (LCM) (in Dutch) or from the ICOM-CECA website (in English)

Education Toolkit, a guide for educators and teacher in the museum