DICHE at Relevance 2017 in London

At the Relevance 2017 Conference hosted by Historic Royal Palaces from 14 to 18 October 2017 in the Tower of London and Hampton Court Palace, London UK, Arja van Veldhuizen van Landschap Erfgoed Utrecht, partner of the DICHE Project, presented the DICHE in a well attended poster session called “Get inspired to make digital innovation work… DICHE Menu of digital teaching scenarios for cultural and heritage education”. The Relevance 2017 Conference is an ICOM conference from DEMHIST and CECA and asks the questions: “Are we doing enough to keep heritage relevant in the 21st Century? Are historic buildings and museums working in the best way to ensure maximum impact on audiences in today’s society? Are we engaging diverse audiences?”

Arja van Veldhuizen, Landschap Erfgoed Utrecht