Cultural Heritage Education in Flanders (Video)

Mathy Vanbuel (ATiT, Belgium) interviewed  Hildegarde Van Genechten, Staff member audience development and education of FARO, the Flemish agency for cultural heritage. FARO. Flemish interface centre for cultural heritage. FARO is a not-for-profit organization that supports the sector of tangible and intangible cultural heritage in Flanders and is subsidized by the Flemish government. In this interview Hildegard talks about the history and background of FARO, about its role in cultural heritage education and about cultural policy in general. She expands on the innovative ideas and opportunities that cultural heritage education offers to acquiring and applying skills and competences in the 21st Century and the role that an agency such as FARO plays in this.

Hildegarde Van Genechten (Faro) talks about Cultural Heritage and Education in Flanders.

Hildegarde Van Genechten (FARO)