“Cultural heritage education: Tradition and innovation. A comparison of experiences”. A seminar day at University of Roma Tre.

Professor Antonella Poce of University Roma Tre organised the above conference on Thursday 30th of June 2016 at the Education Department of University Roma Tre. About 150 people (primary and middle school teachers, prospective teachers, museum educators and post-graduate students) participated in the seminar day which was an important occasion for discussion regarding museum education, promotion of cultural heritage and development of new technologies in the field of museum education. Moreover, in-depth analyses regarding this field of interest were made possible.

Relevant national and international experts participated in the conference: Emma Nardi, professor at University Roma Tre and member of ICOM (International Council of Museum - UNESCO) Executive Council, contributed with her speech named “Museum as an Educational Tool. The ICOM CECA Best Practice”. Cao Fianye, technical-scientific councillor at the Chinese embassy in Italy, was present with his contribution “Research and Innovation for Protecting and Promoting Cultural Heritage”. Martina De Luca, Directorate-general at MIBACT, presented a session entitled “The National Plan for Education and Cultural Heritage”. Serena Iervolino, Lecturer in Art Curating and Museology at UCL Qatar, presented an interesting discussion exploring the social impact of museum engagement on individuals, communities and society. Her presentation was followed by Vincenzo Lipadi, delegate councillor from “Fondazione IDIS – Città della Scienza”, who held a presentation about the innovative scientific centre in Naples and described the function of a scientific museum to promote innovation. Finally, Claudio Bocci, from FEDERCULTURE, explained the concept of “design worksites” for the local development of cultural education.

The preparation for DICHE pilot phase enhanced the realization of the conference by putting together different realities linked to cultural and heritage education and the promotion of digital tools in museums, archaeological sites and primary schools.

Professor Antonella Poce presented the Erasmus+ DICHE project in general and the Italian pilot phase in particular. Teachers and prospective teachers, participating in the conference, had the opportunity to learn about the DICHE project, its first results and future activities; they have also explored the concepts of museum education, cultural heritage education and 21st century learning skills.

Cultural heritage education